The project named “Expand Your Horizon with EVS” will start on 1 September 2017 and end on 1 March 2018. It will be held in Gaziantep, Turkey.


In accordance with volunteers’ personal and professional competencies, we plan to include volunteers in developing and creating new programs of non-formal education for spending leisure time like.
The Activity duration will be divided into several different thematic weeks or months. During these months, sets of different thematic activities (action days, round tables, open circle discussion) are organized for and by young people, children, being coordinated by the volunteer.
The volunteers will work together with the coordinator of the project and other staff members of the organization to identify the most topics that are of a high interest and concern for young people of refugee and children.

Infopack for the project: Hosting TASEV

Please send your cv and motivation letter to ASAP !!!

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