I am Ceyhun, 25 years old guy from Turkey. During my EVS year I participated in different activities at my hosting organization Zavod Bob. In this article I will try to explain my experiences from Ljubljana.

One of my main activities was cooperation in a haunted house project which also included an escape room. At the beginning it was my mentor’s idea that she shared with us, explained what she thinks, what her idea is. At this point it was just an idea and we had a long way to do it. After some meetings we started to define a framework for this project and took responsibility for what we could do. Because all steps of a haunted house were completed by us. My part for a haunted house was to help construct it and I took a character to play inside it.

Construction part was completely funny although we worked so hard because we were building something that we designed. Every single detail was prepared by us and it was kind of handmade 🙂

After the construction it was time to play. Haunted house had a group of characters and someone had to play them. The character that I played was Povodni mož (Underwater man in English). It is a mystic character common in Slovenian poems. Being the Povodni mož was amazing because everybody in Slovenia knows who you are and they were giving funny reaction to you during the action. Getting this kind of reactions from local people made me super happy and motivated.

The main things that I gained during the EVS were getting used to work in a team, group communication abilities, adaptation to different culture and environment, self-confidence and ability to express ideas.

Actually, things that I listed are not really hard but when you are in a totally different area or country sometimes small things might seem bigger than normal. At the beginning adaptation to cultural differences was hard for me. Things that are quite weird or unusual in your country mıght be normal in the country where you live at the moment. As I said, this is not a hard thing but it takes time to get used to it. After a while you find a way and learn how to adapt to it. This is also one of the aims of EVS.

Now, if you are reading what I wrote, this maybe means you are looking for a way to be part of EVS and I will definitely recommend it. Because EVS is a kind of journey into yourself and exploration of your soul, mind, and limits. Everything will be different in your life after EVS and you will realize that just when you complete your EVS.

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